N. eymae is closely related to N. maxima, of which it could even be just an aberrant variety. The only persistent difference between the two is in the shape of the upper pitchers, wine glass-shaped in N. eymae and never more than just infundibular in N. maxima. In cultivation, a long series of intermediate infundibular pitchers might appear on your N. eymae before the typical wine glass-shaped ones show up. The lower pitchers are often (not always!) ovate in N. eymae. In the wild, where the two species grow close (for example, on Mt. Lumut), some introgression may happen, and the boundaries between their taxonomical differences may overlap. Don't expect your N. eymae to be the perfect example of the most attractive specimen that might represent the species, unless it's a clone selected because of that.


Sex: batch

Origin: Mt. Lumut, Central Sulawesi

Notes: sold until 2011. Then people complained about this batch being “not eymae enough, too close to maxima” and it was taken off the market.


Sex: female


Notes: green uppers (photo), photos by EP


Sex: female


Notes: striped peristome uppers (photo), larger than EPa, photos by EP

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