N. kampotiana was synonymized with N. smilesii. The glabrous plant from the coasts of continental Indochina, previously thought to be N. kampotiana, is actually N. thorelii. The plant recently found and thought to be a rediscovered N. thorelii has been described as N. tayninhensis. 


Sex: single clone

Origin: probably Cambodia

Notes: This plant was introduced by Kondo in the Seventies, and donated to the Fullerton Arboretum (CSUF). At the time it was labelled “N. thorelii – Kondo”. It was used to produce lots of hybrids. It remained in cultivation for a long time. The specimens owned by Jeff Shafer and Dave Evans became popular on the web when we all tried to identify the indochinese species spread in cultivation, around 2004. Photo and plant by Dave Evans.

MC1, MC2, MC3, MC4, MC10, MC11, MC12

Sex: single clones

Origin: 30 km from Trat, sea level, Thailand

Notes: Marcello Catalano says: “In 2006 I found a very small colony under the shade of some trees, in a small savannah close to the main road. There were just about 15 plants, surviving in not very good conditions, because of the dry season and because of the deep shade. No other Nepenthes species around. None of the plants had seeds. In 2007 I collected some cuttings from that place (MC1, 2, 3, 4, 10, 11, 12; MC1 and MC12 are male), most of which survived and revealed to be very easy and fast growing. MC1 is a relative giant, the pitchers being 2-3 times bigger. In 2009 I visited that same area again, but the whole savannah had been destroyed and transformed into a large plantation”. Photo by MC.


Sex: single clone


Notes: this is the upper pitcher. EP had this plant from the Brisbane Botanic Gardens more than 20 years ago. It originated from a collector who lived in Australia and was Filipino, Peter Tsang. The actual age of the plant could be between 30 and 40 years. Commonly nicknamed N. "thorelii (a)". It was crossed by EP with N. bokorensis EPb (also received from Brisbane BG), a single clone labeled originally as N. "thorelii (b)" or N. "thorelii (squat)". The resulting N. thorelii EPa x bokorensis EPb was marketed as N. "thorelii (c)" or N. "thorelii (typical x squat)". Photos and plants by EP.


Sex: batch


Notes: from seeds (then also put on TC) that EP bought as N. gymnamphora, but which proved otherwise. Commonly nicknamed N. "thorelii (d)". Lower pitcher, upper pitcher and whole plant of an individual from this batch. Photos and plant by Bob Harrell.


Sex: batch

Origin: Koh Kong, Cambodia

Notes: from seeds collected by François Mey in 2011

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